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Togo is a franchise company that offers online ordering and catering services. The first restaurant, located at 517 W. El Monte Street, opened on July 1, 2009.

The brand is widely recognized by its avid fans, and its freshly cut lean pastrami, hand-made avocados and fresh minced meat are part of its exceptional menu and set it apart from other sandwich stores. Join the Togo Sandwich Club on Facebook and Twitter to receive all the news, coupons and special offers right into your inbox. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest news and promotions, as well as their latest events and specials.

For more information on the latest Dinuba in Togo, visit http: / / www.togos.com. Interested entrepreneurs can also find out more about franchising opportunities in the USA and other parts of the world at www.togosfranchise.org /.

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Half Moon Bay has 7,549 registered voters, according to the California Bay Area Election Office, which is provided by the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors' voter registration and elections oversight office.

The census shows that 58.3% of children under 18 live in households, 18.0% (2.2%) in non-institutionalised group accommodation and 9.6% are 65 years or older. The population is very diverse: 30.9% behaved as a married couple, 29.5% were married to the same couple, 30% and 7.7% were "non-family." There are 6.4% of households that do not have children over 18 years of age living with their parents, 7% have a housekeeper without a husband, 5.8% have no male housekeepers, 3.1% live in a household with a male spouse, 2% have no female family members, 1% of them 30 - 9 are married or married - married, 6% divorced or divorced, 4% single, 0% married and 1% married.

Median income per household in the city is $78,473 and median income per family is $92,204. The city's budget is typically $14 million or less, and the average retirement age is 65, with 20% of them retiring 20 years earlier. City fathers are paid a pension of $5,000 a year, more than double the national average ($3,500).

Tourism generates the bulk of the revenue, but dozens of meetings have been held to decide where to cut the budget. Eventually, 75 city employees were laid off and replaced by contract workers, just as the city reached an $18 million settlement in a real estate dispute. The municipality is trying to recover the money paid in the settlement because it believes it should be paid out by its insurer.

The construction of Pedro Mountain Road in 1914 provided better access to San Francisco and probably contributed to the decline of the railroad in the 1920s. Originally called San Benito, the city attracted a thriving fishing industry because of its continuing importance as a gateway port for Bay Area and Pacific Northwest fishermen. Spanish Town became a racially diverse community after large numbers of African Americans, Latinos and other ethnic groups settled.

The real growth in the area came with the construction of the railway, which eventually led to the incorporation of Half Moon Bay in 1959. At the time of the Census 14 - 2000, there were 2,774 families living in the city, of which 4,114 were condominiums, 1,944 (71.0%) tenants. There were 3094 units of which 2 (944) or 71% or 0% were owned by tenants and 1 (205 or 29.1%) or 1.5% by tenants.

More About Dinuba

More About Dinuba